thanksgiving weekend maintenance overhaul!

Got the old girl in for some much needed service. had to remove the transmission to replace the torque converter that was making alot of noise at highway speed since it was previously a police car that was in service. swapped over to winter tires (Bridge stone Blizzaks WS90) since we are expecting snowfall to happen at some point here in the US Midwest.

thankfully the new converter was the correct size and everything bolted back up just fine! was surprised that it took me about 4-5 hours to drop the transmission, swap out the converter, and put the transmission back in position. So far no weird noises as I needed to set the transmission fluid level since the converter holds about 4 quarts of ATF (automatic transmission fluid) and the transmission spilled about a quart’s worth of fluid on the ground. the transmission jack is old and wobbles alot so it was a tad bit sketchy throughout the whole process.

I also installed my new stereo head unit with android auto and the sound quality was a night and day difference! the lows and highs are SOOOOOOO much more crisper and the bass is punchy too! got a set of 4 kicker csc68 door speakers (75 Watts RMS) and a boss audio BVCP 9700 7″ inch double din head unit with android auto/apple car play. the head unit can power the 4 channel speakers at 85 Watts RMS and they sound AMAZING compared to my old bluetooth head unit which only had half the power of this powerful unit! as a metal and bass head, I’m glad that I invested good money in quality audio. I did have to use a sanding disk to sand away the plastic to make the unit fit in the slot snuggly. A future project in the works is to get the backup camera installed and lastly my 10″ subwoofer installed as well.

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