Today we finally collected everything we needed for our first trip to the service center. Oil, brake fluid and antifreeze. Outside the window the air temperature is already approaching zero and we need to hurry. There are still many processes ahead and immediately after a full inspection, we will decide on the next stage.

Of course, even without the opinion of a specialist, the first step is to repair the brake system, radiator and replace worn tires.
I hope this week we will complete the first stage and I will post a report on the visit to the service with all the comments.
Thanks to everyone who helped us get off the ground and start the recovery process!

Thank you to these wonderful guys for your help!
Dylan Adams, Thomas van Hout, MaxAttack64 and @gr8wht3you gave us hope and faith in the victory of our initiative.
I believe and hope that we will find even more support and confidently go through the next repairs! You are my heroes!


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